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College Admissions Essays

A Good Admissions Essay Helps StudentsThose who have applied to college in the past know that the admissions essay is a large part of the application process. Admissions counselors and committees often use the essay to get to know an applicant's personality, but to also try to understand how the person thinks and presents themselves on paper.

Before Writing a College Admissions Essay

The most important thing to do before writing a college admissions essay is to choose a focused, yet personal, topic. College admissions counselors use essays to uncover an applicant's personality, thought processes, and strength in the English language. Admissions staff members want to know how a student thinks, and that is what should be revealed in the admissions essay.

According to the College Board, a student's topic should be personal, such as a summer spent abroad, a job, or family event, but focused enough that the applicant's thought processes follow logically. For example, a student writing about a summer spent in France should write about a particular moment while overseas and not try to cram the entire experience into one admissions essay.

Writing a College Admissions Essay

Before sitting down to write, those who have trouble with organizing thoughts should sit down and create an outline, list of ideas, or a thought web to help structure the essay when it is time to write. All students should take time to reflect on the experience or topic on which they are writing and make sure they know what they want to say in the essay.

Keeping the topic focused and making connections throughout is the key to a good admissions essay. Not only does this make the piece easier to read, but it also helps to demonstrate a student's thought processes and reveals how a student reacts to these memorable experiences, which is something that admissions counselors use to assess an applicant's personality.

After Drafting a College Admissions Essay

It is important to remember that an essay is not done after a student types in the last period. Make sure that the essay is written in enough time to allow it to sit and simmer for a day before revisiting the piece.

After allowing the piece to simmer, applicants should revisit the piece and edit for coherence and to make sure that any lose ends are tied up in the thought process. A good admissions essay is streamlined and as in-depth as possible for a piece that is roughly 500 words.

Finally, a student should go through and proofread the essay for grammatical and stylistic issues. Something as small as a misplaced comma or a simple typographical error could cause a student's application to be tossed in the rejected stack, so it is extremely important that all errors are corrected.

College admissions essays can be intimidating, especially for students who do not like to write or do not think it is one of their strong points. However, some careful planning and thought can help students of all writing abilities ace the admissions essay for the college or university of their choice.


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Anti Aging Foods To Boost Your Health And Fitness!

Youth and beauty are determined by more than just genetics. The creams we put on our faces, the air we breath, and the foods we eat are all things skin products to consider when on a quest for beauty and physical attractiveness. Dietary change is an excellent controlling factor that anyone can utilize right away for a younger look.


Vitamin C beauty tips is more than just a powerful vitamin for fighting viruses and even cancer. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that higher dietary intake of vitamin C actually reduced the visibility of a wrinkled appearance.

Papaya is just one of many foods you can eat to boost your vitamin C levels. You can enjoy a variety of foods like oranges, papaya, bell, or broccoli peppers to maximize vitamin C intake from dietary sources. Not only will the vitamin C prove in the foods non-toxic cosmetics provide a younger look, but all of the other vitamins and nutrients will only enhance your health even further.


Zinc is well known for healing wounds and promoting healthy skin by boosting collagen production. The mineral is actually widely used for fighting acne as well by controlling oil production. What many people may not know, though, is that zinc is another valuable source for a fresh appearance. Oysters, shellfish and beef are all excellent sources of this mineral. But be careful when purchasing seafood, as much of seafood is actually highly toxic due to various contributors to water pollution.

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a leafy green vegetable which contains biotin, a b-complex vitamin that has been associated with attractiveness. Not only does the vegetable contain biotin, but it is also rich in vitamins A, K, and C-- all fabulous for anti-aging.

Walnuts and soybeans

Omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to promote healthy looking skin. While fish is the first food which usually comes to mind when hearing omega-3 is, you could get plenty of plant-based omega 3 is found in walnuts, flax seed and soybeans! The omega 3s consumed from your soybeans, walnuts, as well as other sources, have been shown to help fight against inflammation in the body and reduce dryness, causing an improvement for your skin and a younger look.